Jucina Juice
Gives practical advice on Healthy Diet for children to help make sure they don't gain too much weight, or to lose weight if they need to.
Many parents force their children to eat food that they have chosen for them which makes their kids tired of the same taste and they only eat half of their main course & covet pudding so try not to force your kids eat your desired food.
Parents should avoid using food as a reward - because it makes another food less desirable by your kid. In other words, telling your child that they can have sweets after eating a particular vegetable makes sweets more alluring and vegetables less appealing!
Involve your children while preparing meals for them. Younger children are likely to eat healthier food which they’ve cooked themselves; it can be vegetables, homemade burgers, fruit muffins, smoothies and sandwiches.
Don’t let your children go to school without eating breakfast – studies suggest that children are likely to become fatty and fell ill if they skip their morning breakfast.
Don’t bother if your child has “weight and size” issue, don’t make this an issue or use the word “diet” in front of them, just focus on good nutrition and let your child eat sensibly and exercise frequently.
Ensure that your child eats well and take care of his body. Health is not generally a priority for children so focus on things that tend to be important to them for instance you can say your daughter that a healthy diet will give her gleaming skin, shiny hair and burly nails. For boys you can say that it will help build toned muscles, give them great skin and help them do well in their favorite sports.
Ask your children what they want to have in their school lunch box, give them plenty of options to choose from.
Spend time outdoors with your family at park by jogging and exercising or bicycling. Use this opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids. For instance, mums and daughters can go to cooking & aerobics classes together, while dads and sons can have a game of cricket together.